Byco Petroleum Pakistan

Project Description

Byco Oil Pakistan Limited is a Pakistani petroleum company which is a subsidiary of Mauritius-incorporated company Byco Industries Incorporated. It is based in Karachi, Pakistan.Byco is Pakistan's largest oil refinery by design capacity (155,000 barrels per day) and is the nation's only firm having a dedicated Single Point Mooring (SPM).
Sign World is proud to be working with Byco for over 25 years.
Byco project involves:

  • Designing,manufacturing and installation of Byco Fascia to meet brand standard.
  • Manufacturing and installation of Byco signage including channel letters and fascia cabinets.
  • Coordination of electrical supply and final electrical connections as required.
  • Designing, manufacturing and installation of Byco towers.
  • Location

    • Pakistan


    • Byco Petroleum Pakistan

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    • Various

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